Tempus fugit

9 months have sped by ever since I stepped foot into JC and I realised that time really zooms past you. After the promo results were released, I realized that my work was cut out for me and I have.to really be at least on par with the best in my class. No more time can be wasted.

But everything comes with a price. I fear that this grade-chasing will make for irreparable relationships.. Looking back at the class pics from where everything was a new beginning, no one could imagine how things have gone downhill.. :/
How I wish we could go back to the times when we were friends.’

Promo results were decent, but getting into H3 seems difficult sigh..but I would consider myself fortunate as others had been worrying about promotional status. This is a wake-up call, and a loud one too.

Yet I hope we could still remain a sense of familiarity, for it is more depressing to be alone against the world.. I can’t move myself to do contrariwise..


Ups and downs..

Some ppl are just so anal. They make judgment on you even before the thing starts and even challenge you to prove your lousiness. This is so W.T.F.
Nobody cares if I have your so-called ‘ball sense’ and to challenge me on this is your loss/benefit. Step on me, fine. But seriously, what good does it bring to both of us? As if you can live longer by doing this LOL. You think I really want to challenge you? I can let you fuel your ego until it bursts, and then you have to see your pieces floating to the ground. Again, what freaking benefit can you even get?

‘The higher you climb, the harder you fall, but one does not bounce higher.’

Let’s bounce and shoot balls!

Handball sabbatical today was so fun! The instructors guided us through basic drills and the layout of the game before we learnt defense and attack moves. The feeling of jumping up and throwing the ball makes you feel like a god! The full match was the highlight when I was the keeper. It has never felt so good at home again when I played it in Sec 3. The satisfaction of blocking shots was so..indescribable. Despite losing both games 3-2 & 4-0 (oops), I wouldn’t mind if I could do it all over again. I may not have run much but what more could you ask than being part of the game?

‘The most important part of a game is not about winning, but to be at one with it and putting in your best.’

Musings about the bittersweet feeling..

Seeing the J2s and Sec 4s graduating, with fond memories and photos, makes me wonder whether this will be true for me. Will I leave school with a sense of accomplishment, or will it be just a stopover point that is full of pain and rejection? Such thoughts haunt me day in, day out.

Graduating is a start of a new milestone in life especially when we graduate into the working world. I believe that such a moment should be dedicated to those who have helped me in my bumpy journey and to support me all this while.

A friend helping you in need is a friend indeed, and I am forever indebted to them..

injured my leg …

injured my leg zzz and I have to stay at home so boring.. thank God I can go for handball sabbaticals and class outing though there’s little excitement…it seems that people love it that I’m not here

sometimes you get exposed to criticisms and this really gets into your skin. You scratcha t it, it gets even worse and it comes to a point where you cannot take this derision any longer. Yes, I admit I’m imperfect, but no one ever was flawless. Sure, people say I’m this and that, but have they noticed themselves in a mirror? I’m not blaming anyone because being human, we think like that. Yet, change takes time and people progress at different rates.

If you can’t enter my shoes, try to think from my perspective ’cause I’m not as good as you anyway, whatever you call it.

”If no one listens to you, then make them.” The only thing now in this adverse time I can do is to hope on the Lord, for “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me!”

oh my fos was awesome chess & bridge amnaged to get 3rd overall^^.. but I sprained my freaking leg it’s so painful now urgh 😦

There are people who just do not appreciate the weaknesses of others.No one is perfect, and even though I am far from it, we are still trying. Others may be better, but that does not allow you to put down people. I do know where my weaknesses lie and reform is ongoing, so just wait. Sometimes I wonder whether this is out of jealousy because they’re sounding like it’s so..

“Life is like a lemon, the sweet and the sour comes at once.”

just realised t…

just realised that its very difficult to be what others want you to be sigh..and that’s probably why I need to try to really control myself.. it sucks when you are taught a lesson in standing up for yourself and not to be angry so easily sigh.. wonder whether I was destined to carry this burden?

Som people do care though they may not appear to be so and this I really appreciate.