the sun continues to set in the west

Uneventful week..nothing much happened anyway..

only popped down to library to borrow some GP-related books and repeated visits to school for CCA..sometimes I wonder why I joined a monotonous CCA like bridge….. :/ meanwhile also tried to build up on fitness by going to the gym,,but I wish I had been in canoeing for this would be inconsequential…


Living another season again

So another week is gone again and the end of the year (or world) is approaching..

The hectic days of OP presentations were finally over..though I skipped 2 slides without knowing it (because of nerves) and the QnA portion was badly answered I think (the question was strange anyway). The end of school ended just like any other day and I didn’t even realize it sigh…

Though I did not have to go for any remediation lessons (I wish I could have joined in), the worst thing is that there is bridge every weekday till end Nov argh I cannot tank! I might consider gymming after training though..need to work freaking hard on fitness urgh :/

Nothing to look forward to and class outing is in Dec..just have to go with the flow. Meanwhile I need to buck up on bridge.

Had a conversation with Kwan on cars and these little things make me treasure the people around me..recently rediscovered Eurodance and their songs have such a groovy beat (Y)

Words cannot replace what I feel now..and this green mile is oh so long..


Life in JC has really flown past..the advice was very true..It was just like a few days ago, that was orientation and the times spent studying/lessons really didn’t seem to exist. The last day of school just went by like nothing while we were doing PW/playing games/watching never felt like the end of a academic year. 

Anyway I’m thankful for all the grace that God has given me throughout this tumultuous year, with rejection and inadequateness playing the cards here. Though acads leave much more to be desired, I also have to build up on bridge as well too.. It has been a few mths since I returned to CHS, due to distance and lack of time–this is so different from the HC boys/NY girls who can just pop by their school anytime. Unfortunately, I can’t bear to return to this place as well, but I’ll go there soon-to get the sch magazine [heard that it’s really awesome].  

‘there is no place for me to rest my head’ this the real life or just a fantasy..?

One hell of a week

So many things have happened these few days and it was fun in a sense lol. Went to Henderson Waves on Sunday with church peeps but it was no joke standing 38m off the ground o.0




Love these stunning views omg!

A Level Chinese is finally over woots! (but I did the narrative essay sigh) WR is finally out of my life but it was a crazy day trying to edit the final copy whew.. Now it is just OP rehearsal all the way, but the classroom is always turned into a LAN shop/cinema and I feel left out when they play games like DOTA/CS etc sighh…