This reminds me of how the Lord has helped us through in our life journey by giving both the good and the never fails to lift me out of the blues!

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We should also let go and let God do what is best for us,  because He has the power!


The old year passeth, the new year cometh

A blink of an eye and it’s the end of the I understand why many say that JC years will fly past without you knowing it..

Regrets, I had a few..
2012 has been a tumultous year, especially with the entry into a school like HC. It was terribly disheartening when you realise that others are better and more skilled than you after living like a frog in a well. Looking back, my CCA seems so mundane playing cards compared to others..I should have given myself more time to decide.
Also I once again destroyed my ties with the class in a series of misjudged words..I lamented this loss and wondered whether it could be repaired.
I also didn’t really make myself try new things and be adventurous enough to explore..was too caught up in trying to assert myself over others.
I don’t think I worked sufficiently hard this year seeing how seemingly unremarkable people became the cream of the crop..

…then again, too few to mention
Yet I walk out of 2012 knowing that my life was brightened up as well. In a class of cold shoulders, a few did extend their warm hearts to the down-and-out individual such like D, JR and maybe S and N. I also found immense joy in the Youth Ministry especially my fellow L5 peeps! The things we did together and the experience we shared, from class lunches to outings to Children’s Camp really opened me up. Along with kind teachers like B, SH and esp. SJ who guided and comforted me in the way of the Lord. So I was quite sad when B and SJ left the YM for commitments.
Being able to excel in Math and keep my head above red ink was one I was quite proud of especially when others were worrying about their promotion status. Praise God for this!

The journey continues…
2013 will be a blast with A Levels and the intensity will increase. Well, with God’s grace, nothing is impossible! Hope that I can repair broken hearts and continue to live a life worthy of the One above!

EOY reminisces

Today feels like a normal day despite it being the birth of me..really thankful for the well-wishes and message by D– that really made my day!

Watched a series of movies this holiday–Men in Black series, The Descendants, Brokeback Mountain and Ted. All amusing yet thought-provoking at the same time: alien existence in MiB, gay relationships in BM and love in Descendants. Quite a respite from mugging but I haven’t done much tbh..

Guess that reading is my forte-managed to read quite a number from different topics. Yet something is still missing I wonder what..
Now I am worried that I will not be able to read H3 cos my MSG didn’t make the cut..this would be beneficial esp. if you have little leadership roles. I shall seek God’s advice on this.

A year is almost gone and as I enjoy the last few days, I am reminded that 2013 is going to be one hell of a year similar to O’s but 48868393729289x tougher. Then again, only the Lord can guide me through waters deep and burning flames…

Christmas is a time of giving and rejoicing in the Lamb’s birth..sometimes I feel Christmas is overly commercialised without much emphasis on religion. Granted, we cater to the secular population too.
So the end of the world didn’t come on Dec one knows when “the hour is coming except the Lord”.

Quite nervous about returning to school esp the biology test that determines whether you contine to take H2-I just had to fail by 1 frigging mark and so I have to work harder..
Sometimes I wonder whether wealth is paramount to one’s success seeing so many ppl having cars/going overseas. Yet everything’s eventual and money isn’t everything.

I shall need strength for the coming days..Lord, keep ye faithful servant strong, I beseech thee!

A roller coaster ride

Back from a long hiatus…many things happened during this time.

First up was Children’s Camp in church called Camp Avengers [Avengers characters used as group names]. Was the group leader for Hulk and I just realised being a leader is never easy.. All of the people running the camp had to turn up for training sessions twice in a week and a lot of admin stuff had to be covered.

Camp on the 14th got off decently. Got to meet my kids (mostly well-behaved) and my helpers as well! Started off with knowing the kids before proceeding to Battle of the Avengers and lunch. Many activities later that helped to bond the group together–most of my members could manage the group [although I wasn’t the rah-rah type to motivate the kids]. After the kids were in bed there was a briefing on what happened today and what would happen felt cozy to feel how we came together to reflect on the day’s happenings..

Day 2: had morning devotion and exercises before breakfast and lessons for the kids. Afternoon was supposed to be water games…there were a few scares of rain at first and kids were avoiding the mud and all..managed to play 2 games before the real rain came and we dashed back to church in pouring rain and traffic–thank God no one was hurt even though the situation was very risky!! It was chaos tbh.. showered first before dinner. Finale Night was next–the groups assembled to complete the Avengers before acting our skits and battle of the Avengers. Programs were very entertaining and we got 4th for the skit..disappointing for us 😦 There was countless singing of the theme song [quite cute with actions] and it was sleep time again! Had to stay up v late to complete cards for the kids and had supper with a group of night owls lol..finally crashed at 2am gasp

Day 3: ice cream in the morning and pack up..gave the kids my goodies and they were pleasantly surprised–such things never fail to warm my heart! Some external speaker was invited to give a talk on faith and it was quite effective for the kids..I was so touched myself that I teared ;( At the end, I gave out the prizes of goodies to the kids and sent them off. Had a filling lunch at Macs with the gang as we reflected on the kids’ behaviour

Had a bad stomachache the next day but got better thank God..but otherwise its a normal week..