Pain and joy

Knowledge of things can be very wrenches at your very existence and makes you think whether you would be better off not knowing this in the first palce. There are lies everywhere, it just depends on how you can see through it.

How funny it seems that despite trying to be a cut above the rest, you often end up at the same level that you’re escaping from…because nobody’s perfect..

Thankful for the long weekend cum CNY holiday because this is essentially the last time I can have fun before the flood comes! Managed to watch Les Miz and I finally understand why it is so good! The human condition expressed in the characters and not to mention the singing makes the watching enjoyable!

Personally I dislike CNY visitations because of nosy relatives, but for the sake of the ang pao money I have to be there zzz..
This week has been quite a slack one with the CNY holidays and HBL on Friday. But hell comes soon after and I have to brace myself..