A trip on board memory lane





When I was going to NTU for a talk, I chanced upon a glimpse of an old SBS Transit bus while from the MRT. It suddenly hit me that Boon Lay is the only place left where old buses still ply the roads, and I wanted to ride in one of them before they were gone.

So this chance came and after the talk was over, I returned to the bus interchange and hunted around for services still using the old bus. I noted that there were no single-deck non air-conditioned buses around, which left me somewhat disappointed. I had been planning to wait for the 255 but then a 254 pulled up instead, thus I gave it a shot.

The first thing that hit me was the heat. “Hot-dog’ [the nickname of this bus] was an understatement–it was a sauna. Instead of cold air, you feel like you’re in an oven. Words cannot describe the feeling when you feel every drop of sweat coming out from your skin and the fumes from the interchange. It would be a test of one’s mental strength to survive this bus journey when you are packed like sardines..

2013-03-02 13.56.08

1994-1995 Volvo Olympian with Walter Alexander Royale bodywork

Oh and did I mention sliding windows? They are seriously cool to play with, especially when they are a rarity today. This wasn’t the first time I saw buses with such windows [SMRT buses once had it] but being able to open and close it was an enjoyment in itself [For the SMRT buses, these windows were always jammed except on 2 occasions, but I ended up being told off by the driver. :/]. I really pity the passengers when it starts to rain!

It is obvious that these buses are shorter than the ones we see on the roads [given that there are 4 wheels instead of 6], making them stand out even more. Sadly, all 39 of them are to be de-registered from April onwards, so try to cherish the moment–it remains unforgettable for me even though I alighted after 1 stop. Personally, I feel these bus companies should set up a museum storing all the older models, even allowing one or two to continue travelling on the roads–it’s part of our heritage after all!


~~Time to say goodbye, and it was great serving you.~~


Releasing the pent-up feelings

It’s been one hiatus and many things have happened.

There was this biomed talk in NTU at the start of March which I unwittingly signed up for..despite half a day being gone, I left learning more things; managed to drop by my classmates’s homes as they were in the vicinity!

There had been this free concert put up by the SSO and like a true-blue Singaporean, I caught it obviously. But what was better was that I managed to crash Dramafeste as well with the help of a fellow CHS bouncer. The plays were entertaining, although trashy as well zzz…
The walkathon on Saturday was a waste of time tbh but at least the class lunch was fulfiling–it has been 2 months. Tagged along with Nic to NUS for their Open house and I managed to visit the Medicine facility–it was a mindblowing moment. Yet this led me to ponder whether I would get to enjoy it later on :/

After the fun comes the trouble, with Block Test coming up. GP was manageable but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the other subjects.. What I really want is to just survive the 1st week of Term 2 sigh. I have some scholarship psychometric test coming up and I wish that it would be okay as well..


Recently, there was much emphasis on evangelism in church due to the upcoming Easter Day and such. The talks I heard highlighted the need to promote the Gospel with tact–you would probably confuse yourself and alienate potential believers, not to mention getting into a unnecessary fight. The talk by SJ today gave me insights to share the Gospel slowly, by being a musician, artist, archaeologist and lastly a builder. It sounds so easy but of course this is deceptive. I know people who might need it, but the question still remains: how to even broach the topic?

Pardon this rant of a typical SG student here, but given the stressful life, I desire to escape to a place where no one will hound me and I can feel appreciated..but is this wishful thinking?