Opportunity cost

Definition: the cost of the next best thing foregone.

Goods: prom and mission trip

Opp. cost of going for mission trip: missing a one-in-a-lifetime event, the last moments with friends before next year, photos, memories, food.

Opp. cost of going for prom: missing a chance to grow spiritually, bonding, experience life in a new place, and even having life-changing moments.

So all this points to mission trip as the choice. Problem is, prom fees have been paid (not cheap) and parents are reluctant to let me go cos it is dangerous. And I have to make a decision very soon…

I also have to consider whether God wants me to go as well. I really don’t know whether the various obstacles meant that I shouldn’t go, or whether it is part of the process. The timing is just so annoying! I requested that the date be pushed back but there’s no change apparently. What I’m more concerned about is whether God has prepared me sufficiently–for all I know, He could stop me from going for reasons I may know later. The ambivalence of God is not helping things much… 😦

This thing has been bothering me for weeks and I want to resolve this before prelims (not a good time to get distracted :S). All I can do now is to let go and let God, because ‘I am not skilled to understand’ His will. I just hope that there could be a compromise, or at least an inkling of my plans without the trip.

Jeremiah 29:11—what are the Lord’s plans for me? This is driving me crazy! I can’t bear this any longer especially with prelims in 3 freaking days!!



I have realised how much one can really do for another person-you can write as many well-wishes you want, but ultimately you can only sincerely hope that life will turn out for the better. It is up to the individual to respond to it accordingly.

When someone you know starts suffering from depression and you witness the slippery path to madness, sometimes you hope you could have done more to halt the decline. Yet this is a case of “the heart is willing but the spirit is weak”. You don’t want to see him/her in such a state, but writing cards gets too cliche. The only thing you try to remedy is a prayer or two.

Such is the case when one goes on mission trips. We get too uptight about getting a certain task done eg successfully converting a person to Christ-a typical Singaporean mentality. Disillusion sets in if you fail to complete a goal. However, it will make the experience worthwhile if we see it as an opportunity for God to show His grace in the community. A book I read from George Verwer, founder of OM, mentions just that.

Pardon the rambling but I just somehow linked two events together, and this is pertinent to me for I may be going for one in December. And obsessions do take hold of us once in a while, but I’m trying my best not to think of it. It can go overboard some day.

Oh and did I mention that I slayed the NAPFA monster? This is partly so why I was so overjoyed that I finally did 5 pull-ups, which was my nemesis for 4 years–no early enlistment for me woohoo