And so it all ends here…

It’s been 2 years ever since I entered Hwa Chong, awestruck by the size of the school. Many things have happened since, from bonding with my OG to knowing my class.

There’s too much things to fit here, but I am grateful for knowing people who made my life bearable and encouraged me to live on smiling. Just a simple gesture, a talk, was enough to save my emotional life. 

The comparison between CHS and HC inevitably crops up: there is a different feel in sec school compared to JC—wonderful teachers and the school compound makes one hell of a disparity. There are mentors in HC that I will remember, but not as intense. The only thing remarkable about the compound is its hilly nature–I like a particular hill in the high school section.

Graduation day was unremarkable–the program was boring and I had to go on stage to receive a graduation bear. [I still don’t know what the bear symbolises…]. No tears were shed, just a 依依不舍 kind of feel. I had a talk with the bros about life in HC, and we came to the conclusion that things could have been better. However, it was quite cool to see everyone dressed up in formal shoes and long-sleeved shirts/blouses–we looked more professional, even though there was a certain stiffness around the formality. On a side note, I managed to snap a photo with JY! We were coincidentally in the same faculty, even the same school for 2 years and many more years in church. I appreciate her for being someone I can relate to both in school and Level 6. 

Dr Hon mentioned that Hwa Chong life is 酸苦辣 [note the emphasis], but I leave HC feeling more of the other 3 words instead. Yet, I thank the Lord for looking after me and to show His strength in my weaknesses. I can still hold dear to the bunch of people in 12S74, just like how I remember 4-2. The crucial difference is the level of attachment to each individual.

It’s only a few more days to the beginning of the end, but it’s an unforgettable 2 years of my life. 

Some food for thought:

It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days.  ~Isabel Waxman

Adieu, Hwa Chong!