we merge, differences and similarities

we strive, becoming rainbows

we swivel, twisters form

we zoom, vanish in colour

supernova/ light lines/ dreams/ to infinity and beyond?



Thoughts in the winds

When self-loathing deepens
Raging against the machine
A darkness takes control
“We are a generation of men raised by women….and on television.”
“We are the scum of the earth.”

Here, the Tyler Durden in us wakes up and we cannot fall asleep. He makes you a pawn in his Project Mayhem. You realise that every stranger you meet are involved in this– think shaved heads, bruised faces. You are now forced to kill, and even this won’t save your life.

I can’t stop this feeling of worthlessness. If there was an antidote for normalcy, I would take it. Oh, such is the danger of indulgence in wild thoughts!