1/6 Guards

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade? It sounds so simple, but being posted in Guards doesn’t allow you to sweeten things up.

It was a shitty day when vocation posting came out. The mocking from people who were posted elsewhere had an impact. Day 1 came and I realized the people there were comparable to the standard batch. With smokers and tattoos, it was a culture shock. What really struck me was the casual interaction between commanders and the “lao jiaos”– it was like seeing sergeant F carrying out normal conversation with us.

It was depressing especially with a turn out on the 2nd day. Being splashed with water, blindfolded, and walking with heads down for 3564575 minutes is no joke. Apparently it simulated the Japanese occupation as told by some people–what a way to start the GAIT.

It’s only 5 weeks before being official guardsmen, but it will be a long 5 weeks with 2km coastal swim, rappelling, field camp with additional weapons & load and a hell lot of shit.

I need to press on and hope for deliverance from this hell hole, but let me get the guards tab first!


still can’t get over the fact that I’m posted to guards..like seriously?! People I know have been given drivers, MPs…and now I’m stuck with a vocation that has one of the toughest ever training. I shat bricks after watching the GCC videos cos there were scenes where I was like ‘wtf is the shit?!!’ so not looking forward to monday, and it’s at bedok camp which is so far away.

Meanwhile, i have to keep my fingers crossed for a deferment [I hope] or else I have to say goodbye to my sanity.


9/9, block leave

It’s been an intense week of 24km march, POP, interviews and falling sick.

24km march
We packed all our shit in the field pack and left Rocky Hill for the last time at 1.30pm. Reached big parade square and waited to proceed to SFT. Cat 1 delayed departure time to 5 plus. Waited there again until 6.45.
First 1km to start point, 3+3+3 along the runway road and somewhere at ECP area H. Walked the whole length (achievement unlocked), ice pops & bananas along the way. Went through construction site road, buoyed on by sir Ivan’s new cheers. Last 3km was the worst- I had no motivation to move despite seeing the end point. From the first few, I ended up somewhere at the last. Had to form up contingent level (wtf!?) before resting at floating platform. Shagged out, shoulder ache, changed out in a daze, didn’t sleep much. Rained before entry but it stopped thankfully, re-entry and throwing cap!
It was a long journey made with my platoon and section mates over 9 weeks and I hope that we could meet up often..

Preparing for interviews right after POP was shitty but had to be done. I was fucking scared of screwing it up but I found NUS to be easier than NTU. Probably messed up why I used the word “sacrifice” (?!) and the assumption that patients could recover in ICU. There’s nothing I can do now except to keep my fingers crossed.

And now there’s this strong flu bug that doesn’t seem to die. I marched with the flu and this is probably the consequence of popping ineffective panadol pills…


So after 2 months it’s all going to end. The last week has been an enjoyable one, with OC cum Recruits evening, games day champions [all thanks to war cry–it was surprising to win it considering the other coys’ performances], UO and BIC.

I leave BMT with some regret at not passing IPPT and possible confinement after POP, which is like a slap in the face.Now the probability of a rifleman is larger wtf.. I still can’t believe that the people I know are about to go their separate units and live separate lives. Will we ever meet again?

Our platoon was stupid enough to be caught by sir IH for buying drinks at the machine. We were fucked but though we braced ourselves for a turn-out/stand-by universe it didn’t happen thankfully. It seemed sgt F had to punish us because sir was there…he must be laughing at us now.

And how does it feel to broadcast a signal saying ”I am weird. Laugh at me.” ?  It gets overboard sometimes–can they just stop making fun of unchangeable things?

Here I am on a cold night trying to fill up scenarios and logic in my head, and someone posts a photo of blooming flowers. True, it is a sight to behold, but are there more things beside flowers? Struggling with 2 interviews and tests was more than I expected, but this is a chance for me to move in the direction He wants me to.

One more week [provided I don’t get confined because of an unlocked locker] before saying goodbye to Rocky Hill. It’s funny how we don’t get to explore Tekong in its entirety especially the northern side, maybe there are too many ghosts there?! There was a school marching on Thursday night, but nothing seems to have happened. Though there is too much jungle in da house, I love the uninterrupted wilderness. 

Freedom is so close, and with a late book-in, it is even nearer. I’ll miss my friends I had in platoon 2, and though I belatedly realised 4th coy is one of the xiong-est coys, there’s the pride of saying that I survived under the OC and sergeants.

It’s the final countdown [not really] but still… POP lo!