Blueland was caught in some kind of strange war. I was on patrol with a few others late at night along the northern coast. I witnessed bomb flashes from far off [within Blueland?] and it was unnerving. Without warning, something landed nearby [bomb? artillery?] with a white flash. Cue frantic running away from the impact site. It was suddenly dawn, around 6am. There was this clearing where buses [?!] were parked,and many people were scrambling to board them. I tried to board one but it was overflowing. I walked around the buses, saw one that had only some people and got on. No one paid me any attention. The driver got on the bus and drove away. I saw that the area only had a few people left.


Base camp was located beside a track, it was an abandoned building in the middle of the forest. For some reason, the enemy base camp was just opposite ours. I was like ‘wtf is this’ but realised that fact had merged with fantasy. It so happened that on this day [around evening time], I came back to camp with a few others. We saw some enemy troops having a parade on the track. immediately, we decided to ambush them. The track was located on slightly higher ground, so there was enough cover. We prepared to ignite this long thing [something like the bangalore] and grenades. Someone gave the count silently and as he showed 3, we threw it at the enemy. There were shouts of surprise, but the anticipated explosion didn’t happened. Apparently, the ignition mechanism cocked up. The enemy saw us below the track and laughed at us before leaving. We felt embarrassed.


There was an air raid of sorts targeting both us and the enemy. We fled the buildings to seek cover. I found mine against a raised ground with holes, much like burrows. When I looked behind, the others were just lying down on open ground, making no attempt to hide. Then, this girl went up beside my hiding place. I recognised her as one of the enemy but strangely, there was no fear that she would kill me any moment. She had shoulder-length hair, a pretty face and a pair of black spectacles was perched on her bridge. I thought she looked more like a student than a fighter. I noticed that she was weaving something made up of con wire pieces–miraculously, her delicate hands were unscarred. She placed the object into a hole similar to the one I was in. Something triggered in me and I mustered my courage.

“Hi. how are you?”

She looked at me with a start, but recovered quickly and smiled apprehensively. My tough heart melted.

“What do you think?”

From there, we asked about each other’s lives before the war, what we did during this period and about our dreams and aspirations. The air raid became a mere inconvenience as we enjoyed each other’s company.

I can’t remember what happened next but she defected to our side. Now we were together.


Phantasmagorical delusions really control you when you wake up at 2am because of mosquito bites…