NDP 2015

It’s almost a week ago and yet I can’t get over the post-NDP excitement.

This started way back in March/April when I was chosen/arrowed to be one of ten cyclists for the SIA contingent. The criteria was simply being able to cycle and have no tattoos. Why I wasn’t chosen to be a packet IC instead I didn’t know, but it was the best decision. We cyclists had a good deal– no looking after strangers who you couldn’t really shout at, and yet get one day off. Initially, there were no bikes so we were attached to other contingents to help, but on one week, the bicycles [not trishaws] arrived. All we had to do was to walk through the parade square, simulating the trishaw movement.

Things got exciting during the first visit to the Padang on 20 June. We were introduced to our trishaws and realised how unwieldy it was even without anyone sitting on it. First up, we had to practice aligning the trishaws on the move, which we practiced behind the floating platform. That day, the SIA stewardesses came as well and everyone was cheering for them. C ‘became’ my SIA girl and we got to know more about each other throughout the Saturdays before the real parade.

On the final day, I bought C chocolates as a farewell/appreciation gift and she was very surprised by it. I felt good that I was able to put a smile on her face before show time. The actual run was quite surreal– I could see myself on TV and so many important people were there! Furthermore, I managed to glimpse the special A380. During the grand finale, we unfortunately didn’t appear on TV due to connection problems faced by the cameraman– he had been standing there but wasn’t given the cue to broadcast [what a disappointment]. A consolation was that I saw myself at the closing credits. After all the partying was done, I returned to see that my trishaw had been damaged, most probably by parade-goers who were posing for pictures. I was exasperated but all was over already.

It was a real honour to be chosen for this NDP, especially as it was Singapore’s 50th birthday. Thank you C for being such a wonderful person to be with, even if it was a mere hour every Saturday. I’m proud to be your ‘Singapore Boy’ like what some might say. I do hope that the memories stay for a lifetime and that I can see SG100 and their vintage parade.

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