It has already been a month since I started to man the line and what a journey it has been. Till today, I still marvel at how a simple question of going out for lunch has made a difference in what I am experiencing now.

In the batch of 26, only G and myself were the only guys, so it was very natural to ask him where to go for lunch. His friend C asked me along with T and X and suddenly, I found myself in a group. This was quite comforting since most of the people there had mutual friends with them. It was also just luck that C had been sitting right behind me and we were in the same group for a discussion. C gradually won over J and Y , who had been sitting on the same row and hey presto, a group was formed. Sometimes it felt quite odd that I had butted in like that when the rest had friends before that, but this didn’t affect me that much. However, it did help that C was the glue that brought us together despite our different backgrounds.

I still find it hard to believe how we pulled off the mass leave taking without raising suspicions. It had been an impromptu thing, with C suggesting a BBQ during CNY. Somehow we agreed and there was much anxiety when some of our leave wasn’t approved. Yet all went well and we met at her house to discuss plans. The next day dawned clear and G managed to convince his parents to drive their car. It was one hell of a ride but we managed to reach our destinations. After the BBQ, we thought of watching a movie but there was no suitable timings, so we decided to sing karaoke on a whim.

Not to mention the lunches/dinners we had together, which I felt cemented us together over food. The way we wait for each other after work and complaining about our callers speaks volumes of how we look out for each other. I just hope that it will be a fitting end to our stints as well despite being in different departments!