Mega update 1

It’s been a while since I wrote anything so here goes…finally had a chance to catch a breather during non-recess ‘recess week’ bleah

First up: passed my driving test after 1 bad attempt haha. I had done everything well but struck the kerb during vertical parking, and I just got so sian and didn’t pay attention to my surroundings. So I drove out and almost hit the car from the other side lulz. The TP had to brake for me and I knew I was screwed. Yet, he was already lenient by not awarding immediate failures but 28 points…

The next test was about the same–almost screwed up the vertical parking again. Yet nothing much happened, just that the tester was quite naggy: he kept reminding me to watch out for traffic etc and once had to lay the horn himself on an errant jaywalker. Basically, he expected me to do the horning myself when I wasn’t even sure doing so would brand me as a troublemaker. I was nervous that I would fail yet again, but luckily the free counts offset the actual points. Screw 18 points-a license is still a licence. I had to watch a safety [read:nsfw] video of traffic victims etc but it felt so good leaving CDC once and for all. Throughout my time there, most instructors were nice enough chaps [Mr Jonathan and David] but there were a few that were fking pressurizing–Golem effect taking place here huh?! Surprisingly, there were quite a few Arsenal fans too–had a good time chatting about soccer during dreary driving.

Cru camp: not bad, most chill camp ever! Learnt about Cru in general and activities were quite ok. Virgin experience playing Resistance till late and interacting with the ppl in the group as well. For some reason we changed locations from Cru HQ to St Andrew’s village, but overall it was not bad. We tried the famous chicken rice at Bishan before I had to rush off for NBSFOC pre-camp [more of that later].

So after submitting the obligatory video of me doing some weird shit for hall FOC, I had to pack and checked in on 23/7. The pre-camp before that already exposed me to the ppl that were inside Cama–quite a decent bunch. I remembered playing dirty games where they turned an area of field into an uninhabitable, squelchy swamp through a quirky mix of paint, water, shampoo and god knows what else. There was also pool day [jumped from 5m platform, landed badly] and beach day [didn’t really do that well]. Oh and did I mention the Secret Partner? Basically everyone were paired up with the opposite gender on the second day and you were supposed to know your partner as much as possible without revealing your name. Right after beach day, the guys were subjected to rounds of embarrassing shit [fked up pledge and stunts]. I considered myself lucky as I was able to guess my SP correctly on the first try–I had asked a specific question, but everyone raised their hands in an attempt to throw the guy off. I just felt that the girl I was looking at was the correct one and hey presto, I was right! We went out to watch Ghostbusters and then chatted at the skating rink–it was an interesting experience but it remained where it was. During the Amazing race, we went to laser tag and a trampoline park–it was quite enjoyable as I simply camped at a corner to pick out the opponents. There was also this segment called NG100: it was seemingly simple tasks that had to be completed in 100 seconds. The most frustrating part was the constant repeating of the actions, hence the term NG. Most of these games were luck-based, and it was incredibly demoralising for us to be denied time and time again. We spent some 2 hours on it before we completed it with much jubilation. On the last day, we had cheer fight and though we didn’t win best OG, it felt good to scream the cheers. Some people had UOC/sports camp the very next day so it was quite shag for them lol.

I quickly realised after NBSFOC, it was draining to focus my energy on two groups and so I had to make a decision. It sucks not being as involved as before, especially when I was v reluctant to go for hall D&D and even other activities. Yet, I also noted I had almost faded away to a ‘phantom’. This bred a new question: should I carry on or not? The drifting away is real af and a lot has to do to the people that you are with I guess…


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