Mega update 2

Tbh, I didn’t know how I got into NBS camp. I replied the form as soon as I received it at work and even though selection was supposedly more random rather than looking at your social media, I thought there was an element of fastest fingers first. When I look back, I considered myself very lucky to have been put in this OG called Thanos 🙂

My reaction was like ‘meh’ when I received the msg from the CGL. I had to perform the ‘running man challenge’, with other options as dubsmash or the bottle flipping challenge. I was at a wedding when everyone started sending in their introductory selfies and on pain of a forfeit, I sent the only one that I had during NDP as the trishaw rider. So during the first pre-camp at Vivocity, everyone chipped in some materials to build the mascot but as mentioned previously, I was late. I got a few questions on the Cru shirt I was wearing and I felt fking awks initially. Especially when they were announcing the fake freshies, I felt lost as I wasn’t around for the first part. It was quite shocking to see them do the ‘photo formation’, where the girls piled on top of the guys at the bottom. A tourist tried to take a photo, but was stopped by a senior. At that time, I felt quite uneasy about the ppl I saw and I basically didn’t bother myself reading through the whatsapp msgs during the hall camps. The second pre-camp was 1 day before the main camp proper, so there was a potluck and tying up of loose ends. From there, I started interacting with others and felt more comfortable.

First day: some talk by the dean of NBS with all the orientation camps there, followed by introduction of the CGLs and many other main comm ppl from each of 16 OGs!! I realised that there are 8 clans, and 2 OGs in each. It is supposed to be a symbiotic relationship of some sorts.  We played typical games such as 猫抓老鼠, 皇上,5+5, and Nippon [random names but they were quite fun to play]. P was my partner for that day and we got along quite ok I guess. It was wet games but it wasn’t very tame either! We had a SSM session before we tried unsuccessfully to decide what dance moves to learn for the finale night. 2nd day was pool day and I swear it was quite shag. Pushing someone on a float without wearing life jackets was the stupidest thing ever. I felt like a burden as I was unable to help A get the ball during captain’s ball. Night run was also quite taxing–we had to run around to finish the tasks and avoid being caught. QN was quite on as well as we ran around the south spine.

Next day was the much-hyped beach day. The seniors kept mentioning it and emphasised the importance of winning the telematch. After sleeping at 2am and waking at 5am to go to the beach, everyone was conked out on the bus. The beach games were way better than the hall ones, possibly because there were more ppl around? I can safely say the telematch was indeed no joke. It was physically intense, especially with running from one end to another and the human tunnel/centipede as well. Many grand seniors turned up and they sort of  ‘assisted’ us to victory, because other OGs were doing so. The crucial difference was that we had more seniors to help than the rest, and everyone had their game face on. Right after beach day we went to Fairy Point chalet at Changi and played ‘the bus of lust’: just passing sweets from mouth to mouth and it was quite hilarious. After a good BBQ, we were put to the test by doing the bowl clan cheer in front of the seniors. Apparently they found mine quite funny and D couldn’t keep a straight face. JH’s one was all the more amusing because he forgot the lines lol. We had to practice the dance after that and I believed everyone were quite tired and sian. Everything ended at 4am and we had to wake up at 5.30am zzz. There was another round of games ie water bombs before we had to go to the audi again to listen to the talks. After the obligatory Insta account sharing, by that time, everyone was ‘gone case’ already. Dance time came and we tried our best. It was still comforting to know that we won the beach telematch, best mascot and waterbomb telematch despite not winning best OG. During the best freshie dance, one of them dropped his pants while the senior school management was watching. It got terribly awkward as damage control ensued while the teachers were left bemused. Since the next day was welcome day, we stayed up again to chill and have fun. After getting to know ppl in the welcome day group, we then proceeded to meet up for dinner at Lenas, where the freshie chat was created and we talked about the whirlwind 5 days.

I would say it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it is quite curious how we, strangers, from 1 August until now, have grown together in this journey so far. The little sleep and anecdotes we shared are still somewhere in our memory even though we may start to forget as schoolwork swamps in.


Much love to everyone here!


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