Mega update 3

I can safely say that I have found a home in NBS, given its fked up culture and work load. Like I mentioned previously, we somehow got together, everyone of different backgrounds, education, circumstances whatever. All of us knew we could have been placed in a different OG, even orientation camp. I see this as more than a coincidence–I trust that this arrangement was planned by God and I hope to make use of what He has given me to the fullest.

Our seniors strongly encouraged us to meet up everyday for something, so the onus fell on D who was the best freshie. Credits to him for doing it well even though it was stressful and tiring for him. After a chicken rice dinner on that Saturday itself, we did the chew-and-chew [nsfw] and things kicked off from there.

Sunday: playnation. Monday: lunch. Tues: uniqlo lol but since P was working there, it made sense [not many people went, but still counted lol]. We went for bash on that coming Saturday and D&D as well. There were also lunch/dinner outings here and there and I thought these were instrumental in keeping almost everyone together. There were driftwood but we felt it was better to just let it go.

With school staring proper, it was hard as I tried to get my NS brain into gear again. Most topics were rather ‘fluff’ ie no concrete facts to study except stats/math. I can’t say I’m better now since I am but a small fish in the ocean. It has been an incredibly draining first quarter as the work kept on coming. Coupled with my many commitments [harmonica, handball, IIC subcomm and even next year’s FOC], I really dk how I can survive.

Speaking of FOC, I had applied the role just for fun and lo and behold I got it. I don’t know whether it was really easy to get the role but oh well I have to make do.

I have been advised to drop activities for now as next sem is going to be a fking killer I think. Here’s to more shit along the way!


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